Five Winning Strategies of HR Directors in South Florida

Ever wondered with a highly competitive talent pool lingering at their fingertips, how some HR Directors are elevating their hiring game in the South Florida market today? Well, the answer is simple. Many HR managers in South Florida are actively listening, giving recruits exactly what they want most, and cracking the code when it comes to hiring top talent in their industries. Not only is the SoFlo beachy landscape a huge draw, but there’s an abundance of alluring professional perks these HR managers are offering to reel in potential employees before their competitors do. So, what does this winningest recruiting formula look like? Let’s take a look at a strategic combination of five employee benefits that lure in the big fish.


Customize: Develop Flexible Time Schedules

In today’s chaotic world, no employee wants to be a slave to the clock. Flexible time schedules are a dynamic recruiting strategy that HR managers are experiencing great success with. It’s no secret that employees with children or those who prefer to work non-standard office hours are strongly attracted to the idea of flex time. Rockwell Collins is one company in South Florida widely known for using this attractive perk to draw in new talent. Their corporate employees are afforded the opportunity to work from home or come in at times that best suit their schedules, giving them the gift of both time and flexibility.


Energize: Offer Wellness Programs

The news today is flooded with tips and tricks to stay healthy and productive, and this trend extends right into today’s workplace. Wellness programs are one of the hottest new trends in employee perks today. Many companies, such as Equinox, recognize that employees who don’t take proper care of their mental and physical health can suffer from burnout. And every employer knows a burnt-out employee is a non-productive employee. So, what’s the solution? Offering wellness programs, company workout facilities, and perks for health and wellness milestones is appealing to many new recruits who are looking to stay healthy and active. Wellness programs can include elements like meditation, yoga classes, discounted gym memberships, massages, and even free healthy snacks as intriguing perks for recruiting healthy, productive talent.


Prioritize: Provide Support for Employees with Children

While work pays the bills, family comes first. So, while paid or partially paid maternity leave is a standard perk for most businesses today, some companies are going above and beyond the norm. Ultimate Software is putting their employees’ families at the forefront by not only offering a fully paid ten weeks of maternity and adoption leave but also affording employees four weeks of paternity leave at the same rate. And that’s not all! The additional related perks are even more rewarding. The company also offers financial assistance for adoptions and in-vitro fertility coverage to their employees looking to just begin their family journey. And for those with families already in full swing, they offer child sponsorship perks as well. It’s no secret that family-related offerings are proving very persuasive in today’s South Florida recruiting game.


Maximize: Provide First-Rate Medical Insurance

Medical insurance can literally prove to be every employee’s biggest headache, and therefore, their biggest priority. Club Med, which has numerous locations in South Florida, is known for its outstanding employee medical insurance offerings. Not only do their plans come with notably low copays and deductibles, but employees don’t pay high premiums for their plans. Club Med doesn’t mess around! Standard health insurance plans are available immediately, and dental and vision insurance offerings are also included after 90 days on the job. No one wants to struggle with the constant obstacles shoddy health insurance brings, so for many potential employees, especially those with families, this offering is a total game changer.


Mobilize: Create Transportation Offerings

Are we there yet? Any smart HR recruiter knows a lengthy work commute can be a deal-breaker, causing them to forfeit top talent to another, more local competitor. So, the question is how can you ease both your employees’ minds and commutes? Companies like Moss Construction, a well-known construction management company in South Florida, are leading the pack. How, you ask? They are simply capitalizing on new recruiting transportation trends by thinking outside-the-box and providing their employees with rail transportation. Corporate rail passes on the Brightline, a local, high-end, luxury train company that specializes in fast commutes between West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, allow Moss employees to enjoy a stress-free, traffic-free commute both ways. Offering strategic transportation benefits like rail or rideshare ensures a stress-free commute that draws in talented employees residing outside a company’s standard recruiting borders. A win-win for all!

There’s no doubt HR managers in South Florida are looking to gain a competitive edge by upping their game and capitalizing on these five professional incentive strategies to recruit SoFlo’s top industry talent.



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