Update: Brightline Rail Infrastructure Upgrades “On Track”


Brightline will provide a new transportation experience that will reinvent train travel for Florida residents and visitors in mid-2017. To prepare for the service launch, the company has been busy building its stations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Brightline trains are under construction in Sacramento, California at Siemens USA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


In addition, Brightline, in conjunction with Archer Western, has been upgrading the existing 66-mile rail corridor between Miami and West Palm Beach. Archer Western is one of the top firms in the industry and brings to this project a depth of experience and history of results unparalleled in rail operations. The scope of the work includes safety improvements and upgrades, track work, rail signalization and structural construction. Archer Western is also performing work on 185 grade crossings; installing quiet zones, where applicable; and building a new Running Repair Facility for maintenance of the trains in West Palm Beach.


Here’s a look at recent progress:


  • Track Construction and Upgrades: Throughout the rail corridor between Miami and West Palm Beach, double tracking is now underway. This includes significant development throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Construction activities include adding a second track through highway-rail crossings, laying ballast, ties and rails for a second mainline track and more. Archer Western is also installing the additional safety infrastructure necessary to establish quiet zones in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.
  • In Miami-Dade County, Brightline completed a total reconstruction of the crossing at N. Miami Ave and 19th Street, which included a new bike path. This was done in partnership with the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization and Miami-Dade County.
  • Concrete Tie Manufacturing: Rocla Concrete Tie, the leading producer of pre-stressed concrete railroad ties in the United States, recently celebrated the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Fort Pierce. This state of the art facility has the ability to manufacture 1,000 concrete railroad ties per day and is considered to be the most technologically advanced in the country. At this new plant, the concrete ties for the Brightline tracks are being manufactured. The first 1,000 concrete ties have already been manufactured and distributed to South Florida, where Archer Western has started installation.
  • Service Facility Development: Located in West Palm Beach, the Brightline Running Repair Facility will be a 12-acre center for inspecting, repairing, maintaining, cleaning and storing Brightline’s trains. Workers poured concrete in January, and vertical construction is now underway. The facility has two in-ground pits, where Brightline and Siemens employees will perform service and inspections from underneath the trains. Both of these pits have been completed, and Archer Western is now installing the foundations which will support a large canopy to protect the maintenance tracks and employees from the elements (including the sun). Track work at the north end of the yard is underway right now, which connects the facility to the rail corridor mainline. It is through these tracks and switches that Brightline trains will first enter the facility, when they are delivered from the Siemens Sacramento manufacturing plant later this year.

These milestones are just a few of the many components of this new transportation project that will transform the travel experience in Florida. Learn more about Brightline.


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