Putting Energy On the Right Track

What if going green was as simple as letting someone else get you from point A to point B? It can, if you take commuter trains, which also creates a cleaner environment by removing thousands of vehicles from the road.


Light-duty vehicles such as cars and pickup trucks are transportation’s biggest energy-users. These vehicles account for more than half the energy used during daily commutes, resulting in more money being spent on gasoline and more greenhouse gasses getting pumped into the air.


Trains are one of commuters’ most eco-friendly options. Using only 2% of our total transportation energy, they consume less energy than ships, ferries, airplanes and cars.



According to 2013 data, almost 90% of Floridians travel to and from work in their personal cars, trucks and other light-duty vehicles. That’s 3% more than the national average.


In addition to being greener, trains can get us to our destination faster. A trip from Miami to Orlando by car typically takes four hours, but you can usually get there much faster if you travel by train. You can also enjoy downtime on a train and listen to music, read a book or talk to friends and family. You also lose the stress of having to drive on I-95 or the Florida Turnpike.


You can also browse the Internet when All Aboard Florida’s Wi-Fi-equipped trains come online. You can even plug in as you relax in the trains’ ergonomic chairs. You’ll not only get to and from work more easily and quickly, but you also won’t have to worry about missing emails, deadlines or conference calls.


Let’s Put Florida On a Green Path


Commuter rails have removed nearly 140,000 vehicles from highways, thanks to the 265,000 individuals who ride a train each day. All Aboard Florida estimates its express passenger-rail service will take up to 3 million vehicles off the roads.


See how much energy you can save as more Floridians start enjoying train travel.

Energy consumption and modes of transportation

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