A Tale of Two Trains

First Glimpse at BrightOrange


In just a few weeks, Brightline is expecting its next two completed trainsets: BrightGreen and BrightOrange to arrive in Florida. The trainsets are planned to be shipped across the country from California to Florida together. This marks the first time two trainsets will be delivered at once.

BrightOrange train
A first glimpse of BrightOrange at the Siemens Rolling Stock facility in Sacramento, Calif.


“We’re excited to welcome our next two trainsets together,” said Tom Rutkowski, Brightline’s chief mechanical officer. “BrightGreen is currently complete and Siemens is putting the finishing touches on BrightOrange.”

BrightGreen train
BrightGreen inside the manufacturing facility at Siemens.


Brightline’s first train, BrightBlue, was unveiled in January and BrightPink arrived in March. The trains are housed at Brightline’s railroad operations center, called Workshop b, in West Palm Beach, Florida.


All of Brightline’s trains are being built by nearly 1,000 employees at Siemens 60-acre rail manufacturing hub in Sacramento, California. To build the coaches, Siemens opened a new 125,000 square foot expansion of its rail manufacturing hub, including a new state of the art welding site. The trains are 100 percent Buy America compliant, utilizing components from more than 40 suppliers across 20+ states. As an example, the guest seats are being manufactured near Chicago, the vestibule doors in Littleton, Colorado and the large windows in Emporia, Virginia.


Each trainset consists of two diesel-electric locomotives, one on each end of four passenger coaches. These locomotives are Tier IV compliant, meaning that they meet the highest emissions standards set by the federal government.


The stainless steel passenger coaches are the first to be manufactured by Siemens in the United States. Brightline’s coaches include many innovations and are designed for guest comfort and convenience. These innovations include level boarding, touchless bathrooms, full accessibility, large, comfortable seats, onboard wi-fi, storage for luggage and bicycles and more.

BrightPink at Workshop b in West Palm Beach, Fla.


Stay tuned for more information on the delivery of these next two trainsets in the coming weeks! Brightline will provide a much-needed, hospitality-driven alternative to South Florida’s congested roadways. The line is planning to start its “pre-season” in late July when it initiates express train service between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, a 30-minute ride. Service to Miami, a 30-minute ride from Fort Lauderdale, is expected to be added in late August and the official grand opening is planned for mid-September.

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