Brightline’s Running Repair Facility Construction Update

Brightline will provide a new transportation experience that will revolutionize train travel in Florida. Residents and visitors will reach their destinations in less time, while traveling in comfort and arriving in style. Preparations are well underway to welcome the Brightline trains to Florida. The trains will be traveling from the Siemens USA manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California to our train maintenance facility in West Palm Beach –a 3,000 mile trip! This week, we take you behind the scenes to see the South Florida maintenance facility under construction.


Necessary Steps for Success!


Brightline is working with Archer Western contractors for the construction of the maintenance facility, also called the Running Repair Facility. Archer Western is the same company that’s making the infrastructure improvements on the existing 66-mile rail corridor between Miami and West Palm Beach.Canopy Steel Erection


The Running Repair Facility is a 12-acre site in West Palm Beach that will be used to inspect, maintain and store the Brightline trains. There will be two service tracks and two storage tracks within the facility—enough to accommodate the initial Brightline fleet of five four-car trains, with room to grow! That’s necessary because the Brightline fleet will more than double in size as service expands to Orlando. The centerpiece of the facility is a huge canopy that is 700 feet long and 60 feet wide covering the two service tracks. The canopy will provide shade and shelter to Brightline trains and employees, which is important because of what’s going on underneath.  Below the canopy lies an in-ground pit that is approximately 500 feet long. Employees from both Brightline and Siemens USA, Brightline’s maintenance partner, will work in the pit and on the service tracks to perform necessary inspections, cleaning and maintenance to keep the trains ready for daily service each morning.


Palm Beach Maintenance Yard


Next to the canopied area is a large building that is being modernized to house the Brightline offices, crew facilities and training rooms. In addition to the Brightline managers responsible for overseeing train maintenance, the Running Repair Facility will also be home to the Siemens USA maintenance team. Brightline and Siemens are working jointly on a robust employee training program, so keep an eye out for various employment opportunities at the facility in the near future.


Arriving Soon


The first Brightline train will be arriving this fall! Once in the facility, it will undergo several months of static and dynamic testing. When the dynamic testing begins, the train will be running on a short “test track” between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.


With progress continuing to stay on track, Brightline is one step closer towards the anticipated scheduled launch date next summer. Continue to follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to join our mailing list to hear all of the latest updates!

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