Progress continues at Brightline Stations

Station Progress BrightlineThe Brightline train stations are rising with progress taking place every day. Read on to learn what’s happening at all three South Florida stations.


MiamiCentral is “beaming”

As the 11-acre transportation hub continues to take shape in Downtown Miami, MiamiCentral is making headway on major milestones. This week, the first of 247 massive precast concrete beams was lifted into place. The Florida I Beams (a.k.a. FIBs) were produced by our neighbors in Tampa, FL and trucked to Miami. The beams average approximately 73 feet long with the largest span at 120 feet! They are so big, in fact, that the trucks carrying them could only travel on the roads during restricted hours.


These massive beams sit on spring vibration isolators. This prevents any vibration throughout the structure of the building. You can spot the isolators on the end of each beam. The beams are placed atop the rail column capitals which reach 50 feet in height! Even more exciting, in the next step of construction, the Brightline train tracks will be installed on top of a concrete slab which will sit on the FIBs.



Moving on up

A little further north at the eight-acre Fort Lauderdale Brightline station, construction crews continue to make rapid progress. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the daily manpower of about 50+ construction experts! That’s what you call excellent team work!


The Fort Lauderdale lobby structural shell is now complete and the 12 iconic V-Columns are in place. The newest addition to the Fort Lauderdale station is the arrival of the escalators. The installation of the escalators began roughly three weeks ago and will proceed through the end of the year. The next significant milestone in Fort Lauderdale will be the completion of the structure culminating with the pour of the roof deck. This event is also known as “Topping Out” and is scheduled to take place in September.


In West Palm Beach, the construction team is also making some great strides. The passenger loading portion of the stations roof slab is under construction and expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks. It takes approximately 320 cubic yards of concrete to make up the slab! There are 11 remaining tilt wall panels to rise and electrical and plumbing piping installations are beginning with the building structure progress.


Your backyard just got bigger

Brightline stations are scheduled to open next summer. Continue to follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for more updates! Join our mailing list to hear all of our latest news!