Morning Commute Activities to Jumpstart Your Day

Man with coffee commuting to work

Are you in a morning commute rut? Wish you were learning something new, staying on top of your to-do list or relaxing on the way to work?


You can. Whether you’re riding Brightline, public transit, a rideshare app or shotgun, switch up your routine. Try some of these activities and start your morning commute on the right foot.

  • Become a podcast fiend

    With new podcasts popping up regularly, it’s easy to get high-quality content automatically downloaded to your phone.


    And there’s a podcast out there for every interest, promise.


    • If you’re a news junkie, The Daily from The New York Times sums up current events in 20 minutes every weekday morning.
    • Looking to add a little mystery to your life? Try S-Town, a thoroughly addictive series from the creators of Serial and This American Life.
    • Got wanderlust? The Zero to Travel podcast has episodes on how to travel on a budget and how to immerse yourself in a new location.
    • There’s even a podcast musical out there. 36 Questions is a three-part series with romance, Jonathan Groff of Hamilton and Spring Awakening fame and, yes, music.

  • Exercise your brain

    Picking up new skills keeps your mind sharp. Fit in a daily brain workout by learning something new or improving skills like memory or problem-solving.


    • Want to pick up a language? Duolingo is a free, addictive tool that helps you learn anything from Spanish to Esperanto in short lessons.
    • Missing the classroom? Immerse yourself in history, literature or astronomy with help from The Great Courses.
    • Ever heard of Cooking Fever? It’s a free time-management app where you whip up meals from around the world. Beware. It’s addictive.
    • And, of course, there’s always Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

  • Master your to-do list

    Your morning commute is the perfect opportunity to check some to-dos off your list while you’re on your way.


    • Pay your bills. If you’re not paying bills electronically yet, it might be worth the switch. You can set monthly reminders on your phone to make sure that you’re checking and paying your online bills on time.
    • Schedule your appointments. Book that much-needed haircut or a dental cleaning. You’ll thank yourself later!
    • Make a grocery list—and then schedule their delivery. From Peapod to Instacart and more, there are many services that take the stress out of grocery shopping.

  • Be more mindful

    When’s the last time you did absolutely nothing during your morning commute? Give yourself a rest and give mindfulness a try instead.


    • Meditate—with or without an app. You can get a paid subscription to a meditation app like Headspace or download free guided meditation podcast episodes from shows like Meditation Oasis. If you’ve already practiced meditation, you might be able to get your zen on without any help.
    • Not sure where to start? Jot down what you’re grateful for today, what you’re looking forward to, or what’s on your mind. Journaling helps bring clarity and awareness. Or you could get creative and write some stories about your adventures as a not-so-weary commuter!
    • Unplug, take deep breaths and look out the window. The act of doing nothing can jumpstart your day even more than replying to emails.

  • Ready to truly transform your commute? Try a new kind of ride with Brightline.


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