MiamiCentral—Update On This City-Within-A-City

MiamiCentral_concretepour_03042016_construction_corner_updates-1Brace yourself: Brightline is transforming a nine-acre parcel in Downtown Miami into an epicenter that will bustle with activity, retail and — of course — travel. This high-rise station will be the definition of inter-connectivity.


So, just what will this city-within-a-city look like? And what’s happening now? Read on to learn more about how MiamiCentral will transform the city and where the construction process is.




MiamiCentral will be a hub of inter-connectivity — three levels of ultra convenience. Sleek lobbies serve as central gathering areas, surrounded by plenty of retail space and easy access to parking. The second level will house the welcoming Brightline passenger lounge, complete with creature comforts, from free Wi-Fi to cozy seats.


The third level is where movement takes center stage, with multiple rail platforms: three for Brightline and room for the proposed future TriRail service. This super station will also connect to Metromover — an electric powered transit system that runs over four miles, looping around downtown — and Metrorail — a rail line spanning 25 miles running to with nearly two dozen stations, delivering riders to South Miami and Miami International Airport. Brightline is bringing it all together and redefining inter-connectivity as we know it. Say goodbye to long, complicated commutes and hello to the future of seamless travel!


This mighty complex will feature four towers and an adjacent building: two beaming, residential towers housing about 800 apartments total, a combined nearly 280,000 square feet of prime office space, and more than 180,000 square feet of retail space — along with plenty of parking spaces to serve the station.




The station is only a tip of the iceberg — albeit, an enormous tip. Brightline is sparking a revolutionary process in downtown Miami, one that will inject the city with today’s modern amenities and further connect transit.


Look to the north east and take in World Center’s future proposed 2,000-room Marriot Hotel and Convention Center and mega-shopping area, where the old Miami Arena used to be and beyond. And just past that you can take in the breathtaking views of the museum and entertainment district housing sparkling new residential developments, the future Frost Science Museum, Perez Art Museum Miami and of course American Airlines Arena. Head to the south west, where HistoryMiami is showcasing thousands of artifacts that tell the colorful history of Miami. The exposition has replaced the Miami-Dade Cultural Center. Nearby, the new Miami Children’s Courthouse stands where the old Dade County courthouse stood — the beauty of this cultural landmark fully preserved and revitalized. This is the Miami of the future, courtesy of Brightline.




Brightline is moving full-steam ahead in the construction process since it began in early 2015. Crews just completed the largest concrete pour to date for one of the foundations – more than 5,500 cubic yards of concrete!


Stay tuned for more updates as we speed closer to the way train travel should be: quick, easy, fun and comfortable!


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