Construction on Track: MiamiCentral Train Station Continues to Take Shape

Did you know the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach metropolitan area is now the eighth-most populated in the nation, recently surpassing six million people for the first time, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With that, the masses of people in South Florida are primarily traveling on a road and highway infrastructure system that was built to handle a much smaller population.



South Florida is in need of an easier way to get around, for this reason, Brightline, an express train that will connect Southeast Florida in record time, is being introduced in mid-2017. Navigating between the tri-county area will become smarter, faster and much more convenient with the advent of Brightline. Preparations continue on building Brightline’s three South Florida transportation hubs. This week, we are focused on MiamiCentral, the Brightline train station in Miami, that spans, 11-acres right in the heart of Downtown Miami.


The Magic City continues to get Brighter 


At MiamiCentral, shipments of the massive precast concrete beams, also called Florida I Beams or FIBs, continues with approximately three to five FIBs arriving on a daily basis. Once the FIBs are delivered, they are installed the same day (weather permitting of course) on the rail infrastructure columns. Production of the FIBs is nearing completion at the Tampa plant with full completion expected by mid-September.  The train tracks will be installed on top of a slab that will be cast on top of the FIBs. Currently, there are more than 325 construction workers on site each day. Meanwhile in Kissimmee, FL, production has started on the  architectural pre-cast concrete which forms the signature “V” columns that support the station. These columns provide a defining architectural element to all three of Brightline’s South Florida stations. By the end of November, the station will be receiving the concrete “V” columns.


So, what’s the next step for the Brightline train station? Forming and casting of columns and foundations continues, along with the placing of structural steel. The future Miami home of Brightline is taking shape day-by-day.MiamiCentral Construction


The Future of Travel


Brightline is moving full-steam ahead with express train service scheduled to begin mid-2017. Getting around South Florida is going to become a lot easier, so hold on tight and prepare for a carfree, carefree way to move about the tri-county area!


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