MiamiCentral: Construction Progress Right On Track


MiamiCentral is rising, and with it the future definition of “train station” is taking shape. Read on to learn what’s happening at this buzzing 11-acre site.


It Takes a Village (of 300-Plus Construction Experts)


With nearly 3 million square feet spanning two sites, a 9-acre transportation hub in downtown Miami and a 2-acre site in Historic Overtown, it takes a massive team to complete. Over 300 construction workers are on site daily bringing this future train station to life.


Currently, they’re tackling a massive to-do list that includes:

  • Casting the train structure columns
  • Forming the train structure column capitals
  • Installing rebar for building walls
  • Backfilling and grading
  • Excavating and continuing site work

It’s not just at the actual site where progress is taking place. In Montana, the structural steel is being manufactured. In Tampa, the train structure precast beams are being produced. And in Kissimmee, the the precast Vs — the iconic design elements of Brightline stations – are being cast.


Take a Virtual Tour of MiamiCentral and Imagine the Future of Train Stations


Take a moment to visualize the future of MiamiCentral with us. Look up 50 feet, and you’ll see the tracks and station. See how the tracks seamlessly connect Brightline passengers with existing Miami public transportation?


Now look below the elevated tracks, and check out the prime retail spaces. The station will also be home to residential, office and commercial development.


Did you notice how the thru-streets are open, and traffic is moving freely? How about all the people walking around, easily navigating the complex? Yep, that’s why MiamiCentral is a landmark terminal, and it’s how it’s ushering in 21st-century Miami.


Aside from the elevated station, there will also be five towers featuring:

  • 300,000-plus square feet of Class A office space
  • 180,000-plus square feet of exclusive retail, unique dining experiences and 800 smartly designed residential units
  • A 95-plus story tower that will house a hotel and additional retail, office and residential opportunities

MiamiCentral in Overtown will also have additional retail, commercial and parking.


Put it all together, and you get seamless travel and tons of amenities. Whether you’re walking around the complex, or you need to catch your train, MiamiCentral makes it easy and convenient.


Stay Tuned


Stay tuned for more updates. You’ll soon learn the companies who are taking advantage of our premier office space. You’ll also find out what restaurants and eateries are going to call MiamiCentral home.

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