Construction Continues – Onward and Upward

Brightline, being developed by All Aboard Florida, will connect riders in Miami to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando via railway. Featuring food, drinks, affordable rates and comfortable seats, Brightline train will offer a smart, convenient alternative to driving and flying in central and southern Florida.


As the trains are being built by Siemens in Sacramento, we are also working on the construction of our transit centers. These travel hubs will feature retail, commercial and residential space, and will stimulate economic growth in the surrounding areas.


About MiamiCentral


Construction began on MiamiCentral in early 2015. The forthcoming development sits on nine acres between two of its biggest supporters: the mayor’s office and the Department of Transportation. To date, our team has completed all structure piling work and has begun excavating work for the foundation. One of the excavation sites is five city blocks long — and the poured foundation will also be that size.

MiamiCentral initial construction
After months of preparation and building 1,700 structure pilings on the site, it’s exciting to finally have a visible structure. The first footers for the columns that will form the foundation of the train station, and other columns and walls will be coming next.

The Challenges of Multiple Projects


MiamiCentral comes with its own unique set of challenges. There are three separate projects, including the bridge for the train, the station building and the three towers, that are all being built simultaneously. While the Brightline station construction is first and foremost, foundation work has also begun on the towers that will be sitting on top of the station. Two towers will hold apartments, and one tower will be home to offices.


For more updates on our construction progress throughout the year, keep checking our website for exciting news.

On To The Next Stop...