Miami Ranked 5th Worst Traffic Congestion in the U.S.

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If your daily commute in South Florida seems worse than last year the reality is you are right. Miami just received the dubious distinction of cracking the top 10 of cities with the most congested roads in the world.


The Magic City also ranks fifth in terms of U.S. cities with the worst peak-hour traffic, says transportation analytics firm Inrix. The bad news translates into wasted time and dollars – not to mention aggravation and rising blood pressure.


Miami commuters spend an average of 65 hours a year stuck in peak-hour traffic, or 8.7 percent of their commuting time. And being stuck in traffic costs you money too – the average commuter wastes $1,762 (in gas and time) just sitting in their car, according to the Inrix study.


The highway tie-ups directly and indirectly cost the local economy $3.6 billion. “Congestion also costs our country hundreds of billions of dollars, threatens future economic growth and lowers our quality of life,” said Bob Pishue, senior economist at Inrix.

Miami has 5th worst traffic in USA
There are places that are worse than Miami. Los Angeles has the most awful traffic tie-ups in the world (drivers spending 104 hours in congestion), and New York, San Francisco and Atlanta also made the worldwide top 10 along with Moscow, Bogotá, São Paolo, London, and Paris.


But there is no doubt that Miami traffic is getting worse – even than notoriously gridlocked cities such as Bangkok and Mexico City.

Hours wasted a year in traffic
Lucky for us South Floridians have a solution on the horizon: Travel by train. Brightline passenger trains will soon provide a unique alternative to sitting in traffic jams.


The only privately-funded, operated and maintained passenger train service in the U.S., Brightline is expected to eventually remove three million cars from Florida roads. The eco-friendly trains will also significantly reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.


It all starts this summer when five, innovative new train sets built by Sacramento-based Siemens will begin service, comfortably carrying guests from West Palm Beach to Miami, with a stop at the Fort Lauderdale train station. Commuters will be able to conveniently park their cars at the brand new train stations located in the downtown areas of the three cities, and avoid crowded highways altogether.


The total commute via the frequent passenger trains is less than one hour from West Palm Beach to Miami and less than 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. Taking the train to Miami will actually be quicker (and more enjoyable) than sitting in your car!


On the fully accessible Brightline trains, you’ll be able to lounge in a spacious seat, watch movies or work on your iPad or laptop (with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi), buy a freshly brewed cup of coffee, catch a nap or daydream – no need to worry about traffic and the crazy driver in the next lane.


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