Meet Brightline: The Smarter Way to Travel in Florida

Brightline water projection

On November 9, 2015, All Aboard Florida introduced the world to Brightline, the brand identity of our forward-thinking train service. The day-long event began with a press conference in the morning at the future location of our MiamiCentral station, the new downtown transportation hub and mixed-use urban development in the heart of Miami. It ended with a bang that evening at the Perez Art Museum on the Biscayne Bay. On schedule to begin in 2017, Brightline will be more than just a train service — it will be a smarter way to travel.


The Intersection of Hospitality and Transportation


A video that addressed Miami congestion and traffic issues kicked off the morning press conference, followed by All Aboard Florida President Mike Reininger introducing the Brightline brand. He began by highlighting Florida’s growing population, economy and tourism industry. Then, he revealed Brightline.


The name itself captures the innovation we’re bringing to travel. Together with our BrightRed, BrightOrange, BrightGreen, BrightBlue and BrightPink colors, the name captures our optimism for the future of train travel in Florida and beyond.


Next, award-winning architect David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group revealed the research that has gone into our innovative approach to hospitality. He gave a sneak peak of what you can expect from Brightline in the future: common-sense approaches to travel that make getting where you need to go better.


reinventing Travel


During the press conference, Reininger showed how Brightline will take the gray out of travel with bright-colored trains that mirror the Florida sun. He also touched on the many amenities Brightline’s train service will offer, such as:

Model Brightline trains

  • Free, continuous Wi-Fi in our trains and stations along with easy access to plenty of power outlets
  • Centrally located stations near key destinations that connect you to other forms of public transportation
  • Unmatched hospitality, from relaxing lounges in our stations to spacious reserved seating and delicious food and beverage selections in our trains
  • Trains with wide aisles, full accessibility, plenty of storage, convenient departure times throughout the day and night
  • Dedicated trains for socializing, pet travel and more


Celebrating Bright Ideas


A celebration of Brightline at the Perez Art Museum on Biscayne Bay capped off the day. Guests enjoyed a cuisine journey, with each food station representing a Brightline destination. From a Cuban pig roast representing Miami to theme park-inspired desserts capturing the feel of Orlando, the culinary experience was a highlight of the evening.

Brightline event party favors
Another highlight was the water display on the bay that featured a 3-D video projection of a Brightline train. We rounded out the night with a show-stopping performance by laser violinist Lumina and fireworks.

Lumina laser violinist

Travel of the Future


Brightline is redefining how you travel. In 2017, our train service will begin between Miami and West Palm Beach. The following year, our full train service begins, connecting Miami to Orlando. Learn more about Brightline and where this innovative form of travel will take you.

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