Progress Continues At All Three Stations


All three Brightline South Florida stations continue to take shape day-by-day and with that, the future of train travel in South Florida is speeding closer to us. Read on to learn what’s happening at the stations and how far along the construction is.


From the Treasure State to the Sunshine State


Prog-art1-img2MiamiCentral will be home of the Brightline station in Downtown Miami and a hub of inter-connectivity. A significant milestone was just marked with the delivery of 150 tons of structural steel. Seven trucks traveled more than 2,000 miles from Montana and delivered the steel over two days. Once the steel arrived, a giant crane was used to hoist the beams from the trucks.


The structural steel is the main structural element throughout the station. At the northern end of the station, large beams of steel will be welded and bolted to the concrete ring beam, creating the structure for the north grand entrance lobby space. The ring beam is a major component of the train structure and is comprised of large, angled columns that are joined in a ring at the top by post- tensioned concrete. Some of the largest beams of steel will be bolted to other beams to create spans more than 70 feet long that will support the widest parts of the ring beam.


Vertical Construction Continues


Prog-art1-img3In West Palm Beach just this week, a noteworthy milestone has been reached with the completion of the V columns inside the right of way (by the FECR tracks). The 14 V columns that support the 15,000 square foot elevated concourse slab are now complete to their full height of approximately 50 feet. In addition, work continues on the concourse roof slab and the east lobby edge wall.  In the coming weeks, the formation and placement of the lobby tilt wall panels will continue.


At the Fort Lauderdale station, construction crews began the mezzanine level masonry walls and elevated slab formwork for the bridge to the concourse area. This is the first masonry work on the project and first construction of interior walls.  Work will continue on the masonry walls and the formwork and reinforcement of the tilt wall panels and the remaining V columns.


The Future of Travel Looks Bright



Construction on the Brightline stations is moving full-steam toward the scheduled service launch next summer. With smartly-designed stations, Brightline will make getting around South Florida a lot easier. Continue to follow our progress and stay tuned for more updates!