Making Travel Brighter: A Look at the Progress on the Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach Brightline Stations

Did you ever think you’d be able to travel from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach without the hassle of traffic? No need to stress for much Brightline-Fort-Lauderdale-Featuredlonger! Your dreams will soon become a reality as Brightline, the express inter-city train service will be launching in mid-2017. This custom-built train will whisk riders in comfort from Downtown Miami to the city center of Fort Lauderdale in just 30 minutes and Miami to the heart of West Palm Beach is just about one hour. This smarter way to travel is taking shape right before our eyes as construction is quickly advancing at the Brightline train stations. Read on to learn how the construction process is looking in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.


30 Minutes Away


At the Fort Lauderdale Brightline train station, construction crews from Moss Construction are hard at work. The V columns are the signature architectural elements adorning all three Brightline stations. The crews just finished pouring the final V column pieces for the top half of the station structure. These will be placed very soon. This is quite an accomplishment since the first V column was installed just two months ago.


Fort LauderdaleConstruction of the concourse level is a continuing process and with that, the concrete pour for the northern concourse and the security checkpoint bridge area was recently completed. This pour spanned the existing NW 2nd Avenue. Work continues with the addition of reinforcing steel for the concourse level at the south concourse. Within the lobby structure, metal framing and overhead mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are well underway. In addition, the support steel for the lobby’s entry doors was installed.


Within the site, preparations are being made for the groundbreaking of the parking garage, which is scheduled for next week. Crews began the relocation of the FPL transmission lines in preparation for the start of construction on the parking structure. What are the next steps for the Fort Lauderdale station?


• Completion and “topping out” of the station structure in mid-September
• Beginning installation of window and roofing systems and interior partitions
• Groundbreaking for the Fort Lauderdale garage


60 Minutes Away



About 68 miles from Downtown Miami sits the Brightline West Palm Beach train station. In just a couple of months, we’ve seen great advancement at the
3.5-acre station. This upcoming week, the lobby mezzanine slab will be completed. The final lobby tilt wall panels are cast and they are being prepped for to be lifted into place. By the third week of September, the station’s elevated slab work is scheduled to be completed.


Progress goals are set for the next anticipated period. Some of these goals include:


• Continuing forming, reinforcing and placement of the final lobby tilt wall panels
• Installing shoring for the lobby mezzanine slab
• Prepping the area for the adjacent parking garage and transit oriented development


What’s next?


Brightline will be making your backyard bigger by connecting the major cities in Southeast Florida in record time! Traveling by train in Florida will become one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to arrive at your destination. Brightline is changing the way we will look at transportation services!


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