A Look At Brightline’s Trains

brightline-train881fce70c42a66f2acdeff1500e4ef39When Brightline, the only privately-funded express passenger rail system in the country, begins service in South Florida between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach mid-2017, riders will find some of the most innovative trains on tracks found anywhere in the country. Earlier this month, Brightline visited the Siemens manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California, for a behind-the-scenes look at the trains that are currently under construction.


In Sacramento, nearly 1,000 Siemens employees are building the locomotive and passenger cars that will comprise Brightline – that’s a lot of manpower! The first train – comprised of two locomotives and four passenger cars — is on schedule to be completed and delivered to Brightline in South Florida later this year. In no time at all, residents and visitors alike in South Florida will enjoy traveling between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach without traffic and aboard the sleek and modern trains that Brightline and Siemens are producing.





In designing the trains, Brightline President Michael Reininger says that the goal is to reimagine train travel in America by taking a thoughtful and innovative approach to the design. He notes the team focused on the details that matter to guests and worked closely with Siemens to ensure the trains meet all design specifications and are of the highest quality.


When it comes to booking tickets, guests can purchase their tickets and reserve their seat through a custom mobile app, on the website, or at station kiosks in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Once onboard, guests will find an emphasis on comfort and convenience, starting with the custom-designed, ergonomic leather seats. The seats are up to 21 inches wide with in-seat recline and loads of leg room for a comfortable ride. After settling in, they can plug in using power outlets and USB ports that are both built into the seats and in tables. No more scrambling for an outlet! And no more using data packages to access the Internet – Brightline trains will also feature complimentary WiFi, so passengers can surf the Web while riding the rails. Even the restrooms have been smartly designed, featuring a touchless environment and a faucet that both rinses hands and dries them, too.

Outside, Brightline’s carbon steel diesel-electric locomotives are aerodynamic, designed with a distinctly angled sleek nose. The full-efficient, lightweight engines are certified for their ultra-low emissions which not only mean they’re environmentally friendly, but are quieter, too. As far as the stainless steel passenger cars, their design and construction makes for a quieter ride inside.




When Brightline begins service, it will be the only passenger rail service that is fully accessible to accommodate all passengers, and even exceeds ADA compliance standards. At each station, passenger cars feature level boarding – retractable platforms extend up to 12 inches from the train to create a level surface on which to board the train, whether passengers are in wheelchairs, pushing strollers, or even pulling luggage.


Once on board, the trains’ aisles are 32 inches wide, winder than any other passenger train, providing plenty of room for wheelchairs and strollers to easily navigate all areas, including the restrooms. And to help keep aisles open and accessible, ample overhead luggage space is available.

Whichever passenger car they choose –Smart or Select– all Brightline passengers will enjoy the huge picture windows that showcase the Florida landscape passing by. They will also enjoy refreshments delivered right to their seats.

Brightline will provide a pleasant experience for guests and ensure that riders get to their destination in less time than driving – it’s only 30 minutes from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach.

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