Keeping Our State Beautiful

Fairchild tropical botanic garden, Miami, FL, USA

Florida’s natural beauty sets us apart from the rest of the country and it’s one of the main reasons why we attract so many visitors. We have beautiful sands and mysterious swamps. We have gardens of the botanic, butterfly and flamingo variety. Caves? In spades. However, there’s a sad catch-22. To explore the sights of our gorgeous state, we travel by means that can lead to hurting them. That’s one of the reasons we created Brightline – a high-performance train travel experience that lets you enjoy the views while contributing to their preservation.


Smarter Engines, Cleaner Rides
Powering our trains is a fuel-efficient diesel-electric engine, which will pump up to 4,400 horsepower. Our lightweight engines have lower emissions and reduced noise, so we’re cutting down on noise pollution too. This 16-cylinder engine also has clean air management and energy efficient LED lighting. This smarter engine was designed by Indiana-based Cummins, a company that has pushed travel forwards for over 100 years.


The Road Less Traveled
There are countless cars congesting the highways in our cities, towns and countrysides. We’re here to help take some of those vehicles off the roads – up to 3 million, to be exact. That’s how many cars that Brightline is expected to help remove from our roads once our high-performance train service begins. This will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. Also, the train’s route was designed to leverage the existing Florida corridor, meaning minimal impact to natural resources.


An Impact Without an Impact
When designing all facets of Brightline, noise and environmental concerns were important to the decision-making process. Our sleek, seamless connection that will unite four vibrant Florida cities, will establish train travel as an exciting alternative to existing means of transportation. Interested in learning more about the positive environmental impact of train travel? Check out the Environmental Impact Statement created by the Federal Railroad Administration. This report looks into the impact of waterway navigation and the marine industry, vibrations and noise, effects on cultural resources and impact to air and water quality. We’re excited to create a travel experience in Florida that lets you enjoy the beautiful views while knowing confidently that you’re helping to preserve them.

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