Holiday Travel Equals Holiday Traffic

Did you know AAA projects 48.7 million Americans will travel this Thanksgiving season with more than 43.5 million traveling at least 50 miles from home? This is the highest number of Thanksgiving travelers that the United States has seen since 2007—the year before the Great Recession. While it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is among the most popular travel periods, when you factor in the economy, job growth, stock market and airline and gas prices, among other things, it’s easy to see why this number has increased. Of the ten most popular Thanksgiving destinations, two are located right here in Florida. That’s right, you guessed it: Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, according to AAA. Can you say traffic jam?

Thanksgiving 2016 Travel Forecast
Courtesy: AAA


Driving continues to remain the most popular mode of travel for Thanksgiving with more than 89 percent of holiday travelers choosing to use their cars. In Florida, 2.29 million residents – 5 percent more than last year – are expected to take road trips 50 miles or more, also according to AAA. On an average day, it already takes a Florida resident one hour and 48 minutes to cover a route that should only take 30 minutes. Throw in the holiday overflow and this is not the kind of news South Florida residents want to hear as they head into the holiday season.


The good news? The end of commuting chaos is on the horizon and Brightline will make your holiday traffic nightmares a thing of the past.


Imagine this: It’s November 23, 2017, you live in Miami and plan to visit your extended family in West Palm Beach for Thanksgiving dinner. You leave your apartment around 5 p.m. and head to Downtown Miami train station. You park your car in the easy-to-navigate parking garage and exactly one hour later arrive at the West Palm Beach train station. One minute you’re sitting in a cab on the way to your aunt’s house and the next you find yourself seated at the dinner table. All in all, you’re relaxing and enjoying a meal with your family less than two hours from departing your apartment. Sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t and next year it can be your reality.


Instead of staring at the clock on your dashboard, stare out of one of the giant windows with spectacular views from every seat on the Brightline passenger train. Speaking of seating, Brightline train’s passengers will have ample leg room to stretch out, or better yet, place all of those shopping bags full of Christmas gifts you’re bound to accumulate too. In addition, with power outlets at every seat and free Wi-Fi, holiday errands become all the more productive. Research your holiday recipes and plan your tablescape by perusing Pinterest on the way to work. Watch a YouTube video on the correct way to carve a turkey and impress your relatives with your new knife skills. Make your holiday playlist and close your eyes for a relaxing nap. You can even start your holiday shopping right from the comfort of your train seat and skip the Black Friday crowds! Regardless of how you choose to spend your time prepping for the holidays traveling by train aboard Brightline, do it on your own terms.

People Cheers Celebrating Thanksgiving
Not only is Brightline providing an opportunity to avoid overcrowded highways, it’s offering travelers a way to take back their peace of mind and arrive at their destination clear headed rather than stressed out. The holiday season is hectic and crazed enough without traffic jams and car pile ups added to the equation. Brightline’s express passenger train service between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach will have you spending less time in your car and more time with your family. At the end of the day, isn’t that what the holiday season is really all about?

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