Creating Community and Connectivity in Fort Lauderdale

Just as the MiamiCentral transit-oriented development and train station is transforming downtown Miami, the Brightline Fort Lauderdale train station is helping to do the same in an area of Downtown Fort Lauderdale called “Flagler Village.” This is an area that previously had been a neglected warehouse and residential district, and is now undergoing a rebirth and becoming Fort Lauderdale’s trendiest spot.


According to the Flagler Village website, “the area has been undergoing significant urban renewal. Developers, artists and residents have transformed the neighborhood, city blocks at a time. It is now noted for its budding art districts, residential developments and most recently its restaurants. Located just north of Las Olas Boulevard and downtown Fort Lauderdale, Flagler Village is an ideal place to live, work, and play.”


The Brightline train station has a prominent role in the development of the area as it will bring many new people into Fort Lauderdale through its daily express intercity train service connecting Fort Lauderdale to Miami and West Palm Beach, and, at a later date, adding train service to Orlando. Complimenting Brightline, the area will also be the future home of the Wave Streetcar, a 2.8 mile streetcar system (in Phase I) designed to move people in and around downtown Fort Lauderdale, spanning the New River to connect the hospital and courthouse districts on the south side with the downtown business core and government, education, shopping, recreation and entertainment centers on the north side.


Brightline is proud to be a part of this vibrant community and is making significant progress on the construction of its Fort Lauderdale train station. The station building was topped out on September 16, 2016; topped out means that the exterior structure was completed. This set the stage for work to begin on the inside of the station. Here’s a quick look.

In the lobby area, interior stud framing is taking place and the escalators that will take guests up and down from the concourse area have been installed.

Brightline train station - Fort Lauderdale escalators

Up on the concourse level, the exterior wall framing is being done.

Fort Lauderdale Brightline parking garage

Work is also continuing on the parking garage, with foundations being completed.

Brightline Fort Lauderdale train station construction crews
Installation of station windows begins

Looking ahead, construction crews will begin to install the station windows and begin work on the precast structure of the parking garage, so that the new Florida Train can become a reality beginning in mid-2017.


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