Fighting Congestion: The Cost of Miami Traffic

Did you know that traffic congestion in the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach area is some of the worst in the nation?


No one likes sitting in traffic. But given their population and geographic size, large cities and metropolitan areas like Miami are especially vulnerable to transportation hiccups. These disruptions also cost the Sunshine State’s locals and visitors immeasurable time and resources.


The Real Cost of Traffic


Out of the U.S.’s top 15 urban areas with the worst traffic congestion, Miami is number 12 on the list. In 2014, each Miami-area commuter wasted 52 hours due to traffic congestion. That’s more than an average 40-hour work week! This means that traffic costs each Miami commuter about $1,169 during 2014 — money that could have been put toward home improvements, vacations or other needs.


What should be a 20-minute freeway trip in Miami actually requires 50-60 minutes of planned driving time. Each commuter also used an extra 24 gallons of fuel by simply sitting in traffic. For most car-owners and drivers, that’s more than a whole tank of gas.


Accidents and pile-ups can also happen, and necessary roadwork and repairs can take weeks, or even years. Sudden lane closures and unexpected detours bring unwanted frustration. And sometimes there’s no obvious reason why every car stopped in front of you, causing a long line of traffic. The mystery and science of traffic is confusing at best, infuriating at worst.

What Miami traffic congestion costs

Alternative Ways to Commute


The next time you find yourself realizing that your daily commute or local trip to see friends and family is going to take longer than it should, why not consider an alternative? All Aboard Florida offers a direct service line from Orlando to Miami. With multiple passenger stations in communities throughout north and south Florida to be completed by 2017, you’ll have more flexibility when you travel by train instead of by plane or automobile.


Take a look at the statistics below highlighting Florida’s heavy congestion and how it affects our state. Leave the cost of traffic behind and get rid of the congestion by traveling by train instead.

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