Construction Update: Miami Central

Brightline-MiamiCentral_07082016-Construction-Corner-Update_miniMiamiCentral is rising, and with it the future home of Brightline is taking shape. So, how far along is the construction. Read on to learn what’s happening at this buzzing 11-acre site.


Stations Buzzing with Advancement

Downtown Miami will have a new transportation hub in just about one year. Every timeline comes with critical steps. Phase one includes building the concrete infrastructure that will elevate trains to about 50 feet in the air. These elevated tracks will allow Downtown Miami’s streets to be unobstructed and allow traffic to flow, as well as providing opportunity for street level retail spaces that will enhance the experience.


If you look closely, what you think may be bridges, are actually concrete structures that resemble bridges. These bridges will elevate the train tracks in order to run smoothly. Off site, steel is being made in order to support the infrastructure of the building. With the help from manufacturers around the country, many are being fabricated in order to allow the structure of the train station come together. Deliveries continue to come into the site to help the construction advance.



Smarter Live-Work Spaces

Not only will Brightline and MiamiCentral bring a smarter way to travel, but it will also feature residential and office options for the community. Three towers will be part of MiamiCentral. Two towers will house about 800 apartment units, while the other tower will be an approximately 200,000 square foot office building.


Well, what about parking for those that are commuting, living or simply visiting MiamiCentral? Nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered! Parking garages will be available for residents of the apartment buildings as well as tenants of the office building. The parking garage will have car elevators to lift vehicles belonging to residents. Those who are simply visiting or are train riders will have convenient and simple parking options.


Stay Tuned!

MiamiCentral is set to open by mid-2017 with service between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach with the residential and other services coming on line in the future months. Continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates! And sign up to join our mailing list so you’ll be the first to hear all of our news.

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