Coming Soon…. BrightPink

Brightline BrightPink train coaches
One of the four coaches of the BrightPink trainset is shown at Siemens manufacturing facility.

Brightline’s first train, BrightBlue, was unveiled at its railroad operations center, Workshop b, in early January. Soon, BrightBlue will have a companion, the next Brightline train to be delivered is BrightPink.


The trains are being built by nearly 1,000 employees at Siemens 60-acre rail manufacturing hub in Sacramento, California. Brightline’s trains are 100 percent Buy America compliant, utilizing components from more than 40 suppliers across 20+ states.


The BrightPink train consists of four coaches and two bright yellow locomotives. Of the four, there is one Select and three Smart coaches. With both options, riders can reserve specific seats when booking tickets through Brightline’s mobile application, website or station kiosks. Each product will offer a range of amenities and pricing. Riders will also be able to add additional items, such as parking and ground transportation to their booking to further complete their travel experience, making it connected from door to destination.

Ergonomic seats on the Brightline train
Custom-designed ergonomic seats in the Select coach are 21 inches wide.


In the Select coach, the custom-designed ergonomic leather seats are 21 inches wide and, in the Smart coach, the seats are 19 inches wide, both wider than most other transit seats, with in-seat recline, sliding down and back so not to compromise legroom of fellow passengers. The Select coach features 49 seats in a configuration of two seats across the aisle from a single. There are two quad seating groups and two single groups with a table in the middle for those who wish to converse or work together during the trip. In each of the Smart coaches, there are 66 seats (except for the end car that has 58), with double seats across the aisle from each other and eight quad configurations with a table.


To help visualize the configuration of the two different offerings, here is a layout of the Select and Smart coaches:

Brightline BrightPink coaches diagram

There are three additional trainsets that are also being built at Siemens in the colorful hues of BrightGreen, BrightOrange and BrightRed. Stay tuned for more information on these trains.


Construction of Brightline’s train stations in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami is rushing toward completion. Brightline is scheduled to begin express inter-city train service between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach this summer.

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