Bringing Train Travel to Fort Lauderdale

There’s been a lot of news stories this week about developments in the growing Flagler Village section of Fort Lauderdale that have referenced their proximity to the Brightline train station. So we thought it would be timely to provide an update on construction of the train station that will serve as a connector to both West Palm Beach and Miami via the Brightline express intercity train service.

Landscaping at Brightline Fort Lauderdale Station

The big news is that landscaping is now being installed around the station. Trees and plants are visible at both the station and the north parking area. Paving is taking place around the station and NW 2nd Avenue South has re-opened. The decorative pavers lining the front entryway are also being laid.

Fort Lauderdale station contstruction

Inside the station, workers are busy putting in tile throughout and applying solid surfaces to the walls. The elevators are going in and workers continue to finalize the installation of the north and south escalators. Looking up, the baffle ceiling system is being installed. Work is continuing on the lighting installation and the plumbing. Workers also began start-up for the building’s mechanical systems.

Train station canopy

Out on the train platforms, the north, south and western suspended canopies are almost complete and ready for final trim-out. Archer Western is also beginning the installation of the east track that goes through the station.

Fort Lauderdale parking garage

The parking garage structure is nearing completion. The stair lifts are being poured, while electrical, plumbing and sprinkler rough-ins are taking place. On the garage façade, textured paint has been applied and the installation of metal façade panel has begun.


Brightline will offer a variety of other modes of transportation to get riders to the stations and to their final destinations. In Fort Lauderdale, riders will have access to ride-sharing/taxi options, Broward b-Cyle bike share, rental cars and shuttle services, as well as be able to connect to the Sun Trolley, Broward County Transit system and future Wave Streetcar. In addition, the station is within walking distance to City Hall, the Historic District, Museum of Science, Riverwalk area and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.


Brightline is an inter-city express train service launching in mid-2017, connecting Fort Lauderdale to Miami and West Palm Beach with future train service to Orlando. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

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