Brightline’s Next Two Trains are Headed for Home


At Siemens Rolling Stock facility in Sacramento, California, Brightline’s next two completed trainsets, BrightGreen and BrightOrange, are getting ready to depart for their cross-country journey, covering more than 3,000 miles from California to Florida. It’s the first time that two Brightline trains have been shipped together.


It’s been a busy day at Siemens, as the team is putting the final touches on each of the trainsets and getting them prepped for their trip. The two trains are coupled together with the noses of the locomotives facing each other. Each train is almost 500 feet in length, so together they are nearly 1,000 feet long. Each is comprised of four coaches and two locomotives on each end.



They will be pulled by a Union Pacific locomotive from Sacramento through to New Orleans and the trip will take about five days. The trains will traverse south to Southern California, into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before going into Louisiana. Once in New Orleans, a CSX locomotive will take over and power the trains through to Jacksonville, Florida. A Florida East Coast Railway locomotive will pull the trains the final leg into West Palm Beach, Florida and Brightline’s Workshop b, where the trains are housed. The Brightline team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of these two trainsets toward the later part of next week, just in time for National Train Day which is May 13!


“With the delivery of BrightGreen and BrightOrange, we will have four of our five trainsets in West Palm Beach, bringing us one step closer to the launch of our service,” said Tom Rutkowski, Brightline’s Chief Mechanical Officer.


Brightline’s two previous trains – BrightBlue and BrightPink – attracted quite a bit of attention as they came across the country. If you happen to see the trains along the way, please snap a pic and send to us at We may share your photo on our social media channels!


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