Brightline’s Construction Progress

brightline_miamicentral_piling_12152015_construction_updates-1A train service that will redefine how you travel by focusing on your needs and wants — it just can’t come soon enough! We know you’re chomping at the bit to experience the better, brighter way to travel. That’s why the creative designers, expert engineers and talented construction professionals at Brightline are working in high gear to make it your reality.


So, where are we on the construction process? Read on to find out how Brightline is moving the future of train travel closer every day.


Updates on Construction Status From Brightline President (Things Are Moving Right Along!)


Mike Reininger, Brightline’s president, is excited to report that everything is moving right along. You’ll be stoked to hear that:




  • Service is slated to start in 2017: Brightline is right on track to get service started in mid-2017. According to Mike, the Brightline team is “working every day on multiple fronts” to make that happen.
  • Brightline’s innovative trains are under construction: Siemens is manufacturing a fleet of new trains in Sacramento — and the train cars are going to have more creature comforts than ever before!
  • Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach locations are transforming into stations: Construction is underway, transforming these three key spots into prime connectivity stations.


The Stations Are Buzzing With Activity


When it comes to changing the face of travel, a key component is the station. Brightline is redefining the concept of a train station, turning it into a connectivity hub that offers more. We’re talking about delicious dining options, free Wi-Fi, exciting shopping and easy access to public transportation.


Today, the Brightline team is making this future happen with full-on construction at the sites:


  • MiamiCentral: Construction crews have been hard at work for the last six months preparing the site. In fact, they checked a major to-do item off of their list when they completed the concrete piling work — no easy feat considering the station spans nine acres. “We expect vertical construction to begin by the end of the year,” Mike added.
  • Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach: Brightline is pushing progress forward as we begin to prepare casting beds for the V-shaped columns and the foundations for the station concourse and lobby structures. The outlook is bright: “We anticipate vertical construction on both stations to begin in the first quarter of 2016,” he said.


Not only is Brightline making real headway on the station itself, but the team is also making significant inroads with the existing infrastructure. In Brightline’s mission, maximizing resources is key. That’s why we’re using existing railroad wherever possible. Construction crews are hard at work enhancing existing tracks. They’re also rebuilding signals, as well as communication and safety systems. We refuse to leave any stones unturned!


Even better, Brightline is also tackling the operating business. From ticketing to reservations, we’re building a new, brighter way to schedule your train travel. “All will be ready to go in advance of the launch,” he noted. While our new, better, easier way of train travel can’t start soon enough, we’re right on track to make it happen in 2017. “Getting around South Florida is going to get a lot easier with Brightline,” added Mike. Hold tight and prepare to experience travel the way it should be: convenient, smart, comfortable and fun. You shouldn’t have to travel any other way.

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