How Brightline Will Create A Smarter Way To Travel


When you hear that Florida is the top tourism destination in the world, it’s no joke. The sunshine state welcomed 87.3 million visitors in 2011 and 97.3 million travelers in 2014. Not only is Florida a prime vacation state, but it also has one of the largest populations in the country. In 2011, the state had over 19 million people who were proud to call themselves Floridians. But the growth didn’t cap out there. The population climbed close to 19.9 million by 2014, making it the third biggest state in the U.S.




Bigger doesn’t always mean better, though, especially when it comes to traffic. Even with the whopping 83,141 miles of state and county roads, there’s still too many cars on the roads. There’s good news on the horizon, though. Soon, those traffic jams and busy streets will be a headache of the past. If you come to Florida in the next few years, you will have an exciting new alternative to getting around: It’s called Brightline.


The new, privately owned express, inter-city train will link the 235-mile route connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Instead of having to fight traffic to get between these cities, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and let Brightline get you there on time and with no fuss. Wave goodbye to congested roadway, distracted drivers and hours spent commuting. Say hello to a bright new way of traveling.


With Brightline, you’ll be able to actually do something productive instead of sitting in traffic. Thanks to the free onboard Wi-Fi, you can finish up your work day on your commute rather than being the last one to leave the office. Better yet, catch up on your favorite shows. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re binge-watching House of Cards.


Set to launch in 2017, Brightline will be a whole new way to travel in South Florida. Think fun, colorful trains, convenient scheduling and the type of they-know-what-I-need-before-I-even-ask service you might get at your favorite restaurant. The creative minds behind Brightline don’t just want to make it easy for Floridians and Florida visitors to travel and experience the state’s gorgeous sights — they want to reinvent how we travel and shorten the time we spend doing it.


Building a New Travel Experience for Florida


Brightline has a whole team of pros working behind the scenes to create a better way to get around. This dream team includes the brightest minds from the travel industry, the most experienced engineers from railways around the world and other seasoned experts who are passionate about our mission. They’re working their magic to create a safe way of getting around that’s also amazingly fun and convenient.


When you travel with Brightline in 2017, you’ll experience:


  1. Speed and Convenience

Tired of working crazy hours just to try to beat the traffic? With Brightline, you’ll simply board our colorful trains and start heading where you want to go. You’ll experience less fuss and less time waiting in traffic. You’ll also experience less time traveling. Brightline trains will travel from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in under 30 minutes and Miami to West Palm Beach in under 60 minutes. Getting around Florida is going to be faster and easier than ever before.


  1. Comfort

Taking the train from Fort Lauderdale to Miami or other destinations will no longer just be about convenience or necessity — it will be an experience you’ll look forward to. Melt into Brightline’s cozy seats, stretching to take full advantage of the ample amount of leg room.


The well-designed and luxuriously appointed train stations will let you hop from train to taxi to bus in the blink of an eye. Get ready to take Brightline to nearby stores and restaurants, too. However, you may decide to just stay put — the Brightline stations will be convenient urban centers, with retail, dining and other points of interest.


Speaking of convenience and comfort, Brightline trains will have power outlets at each seat. You will be able to plug in your favorite devices to chat with friends, unwind with music or catch up on your reading. You’ll also no longer dread using the facilities thanks to our sparkling clean bathrooms.


Want to turn your commute into a hang-out session? Book a ticket for a train with a social car. They have tables so you can hold a business meeting or spend quality time with your family — even play some competitive Monopoly. Looking forward to a little alone time? Choose a quiet coach car to enjoy a calm commute, free of chatter.




  1. Safety

Trains are one of the safest ways to travel. Brilliant Brightline engineers are putting their minds together to ensure the trains will not only meet all safety standards but surpass them because your safety is our top priority.


  1. A Green Travel Option

Ever feel a bit guilty about taking long drives with your car? That guilt makes good sense — A 600-mile trip can create up to 0.27 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Compare that to the 0.05 tons of emissions you would create by taking the train, and you can see why long drives in your car aren’t the best idea. Whenever you hop behind the wheel, you’re actively contributing to climate change. Sorry to be a downer, but rest assured, there is a bright spot happening on the horizon: Brightline.


We’ve crunched the numbers and are beyond excited that Brightline will take three million vehicles off the roads each year. Wondering how much better that could get? Don’t forget that we’re talking about Brightline here. Sure, taking three million cars off the road is awesome, but so is saving energy and materials. That’s why the Brightline team is using existing rails wherever possible. Now when you indulge yourself with a comfortable ride on a cutting-edge train, you can revel in the fact you’re doing Mother Nature a huge favor.


Brighter Business in Florida

While it’s great to have a thriving population and tourism industry, without the right infrastructure, it translates to frustration. And that can hurt business. After all, how productive are you when you’re stuck in traffic?




Here’s the bad news: Traffic congestion is soaring at crazy-fast speeds. In Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, traffic congestion jumped 21% between 2013 and 2014. If you lived or worked in one of these regions, you had the joy of spending an average of 37 hours annually sitting in traffic jams — that’s a whopping seven more hours you spent stuck in traffic compared to 2013. Getting stuck in traffic may improve your karaoke skills, but it’s not doing you any favors if you have a schedule to keep.


With Brightline trains running all day, getting to work will be a lot simpler — and better on the soul, too. Rather than showing up all frazzled from fighting traffic, you’ll arrive calm and well-rested. You’ll be able to use your commute to nap, catch up on your reading or listen to your favorite songs. That sounds a lot better than honking at the driver in front of you, doesn’t it?


And Brightline wants to improve business in Florida, too. As a $3 billion project, Brightline is already creating jobs and will create many more by the time the trains are running.


Keeping Florida Connected

When Brightline trains start running, hopping on a train to Miami or West Palm will be insanely easy. That’s because Brightline is not just about getting from one city to another — it’s all about making Florida better connected.


And it starts with getting your ticket to ride.You’ll use an online system or smartphone to reserve your train ticket. Whether you’re in class, stuck in a meeting or grabbing a quick dinner, you can select your seat with just a few swipes on your mobile device.


It doesn’t end there. Brightline stations themselves will seamlessly connect you with key Florida attractions. When you go from the train to the station, you’ll be just steps from the shopping, transportation, parking, dining and other services you want. Want to visit a Miami hotspot? Grab a new designer purse while traveling on business? Enjoy a candlelit dinner for two while exploring Florida? With Brightline, you can do it all — fast and simple.


Brightline will also reinvent the idea of the “train station.” No longer just a place to catch your next train, our Brightline stations will be complexes brimming with convenience and excitement. In fact, many people may come — not to ride a train — but for the shopping, easy parking and tasty food.


With Brightline, traveling won’t just be about the destination. Sure, you’ll appreciate our Miami to Orlando train (with stops in between) that shaves the whole trip down to three hours from four. But you’ll celebrate the convenience, comfort and centrality that Brightline will offer. Finally, you can work, play and travel on your own terms.


A Holistic Approach

Creating the best experience for you is — and always has been — our main focus. It’s what everything else revolves around. It’s the litmus test we use when weighing all decisions. At Brightline, it’s not about transporting passengers from Point A to Point B — it’s about creating a meaningful trip, one that lets you appreciate the beauty of Florida while using your time however you please.


It’s also about style. With BrightRed, BrightOrange, BrightGreen, BrightBlue and BrightPink trains — each led by a BrightYellow locomotive — these trains are changing the visual landscape of transportation. They will inspire and engage. Heck, they may even get you looking forward to your commute (don’t worry, no one will tell your boss).


Plans Underway

This kind of revolutionized way to travel can’t come soon enough. That’s why Brightline construction is in full gear. The construction of stations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando is well underway, bringing Brightline that much closer to you. And if you want to ditch your car and really start living the life in Florida, Brightline is working on urban centers in some cities. These centers will have residential units, , shops, restaurants and everything else you need.


What else is Brightline up to? We’re working out the details of pricing and schedules. So far, we know that there will be convenient schedules all day, every day. You’ll be able to get around Florida on your timetable, without any annoying lines or wait periods.


It’s time to get excited about travel again. Brightline already acquired the land and talked to local communities. Trains are being built in California to start running in mid-2017 and beyond. Rail is being checked and made ready for your upcoming Florida adventures. And urban centers in West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are already started. Live nearby? Then you probably have seen our construction crews busy at work.


A Vibrant Future in Florida Transportation

Fast and fun trains — the best way to experience Florida — will be ready to run in mid-2017. When they start service, Brightline will be the only privately owned and operated passenger rail system in the country.


Do you want Florida train travel that gets you where you need to go, quickly and with a ton of creature comforts? Do you want a Florida travel option that doesn’t come with delays and hassles? Get ready for Brightline, the way Florida travel should be.


Check out the golf courses of West Palm Beach, the nightclub scene in Miami or the beaches of Fort Lauderdale. Whether your style is urban-sophisticated or laid-back beach chic, this is your train. With Brightline, you’ll be able to explore more, do more and connect more.


Check out how Brightline will revolutionize the face of Florida travel in the upcoming months. It may just brighten your outlook on traveling in Florida.

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