Transforming Downtown Miami

This weekend, a conference of public and private sector leaders from around the world who are focused on improving cities and spreading urban strategies will begin in Miami. CityLab Miami, presented by AtlanticLive in association with The Aspen Institute and Bloomberg Philanthropies, is taking a look at our culturally dynamic city that is on the cutting edge of urban innovation and seeing how it’s tackling the most pressing challenges cities face and what innovative ideas it has for growing a livable, sustainable and economically vibrant communities.


Brightline is proud to have been asked to participate in CityLab as an example of a transformative project taking shape in Miami. Brightline President Mike Reininger will offer a tour of MiamiCentral, the 11-acre mixed use transportation hub and Downtown Miami, and an overview of the Brighline train service to a group of participants. Here’s a preview of what they will see.


At the north end of MiamiCentral where the Brightline train station will be, the concrete track slabs have begun to be poured on top of the massive Florida I-Beams (FIBs).

Brightline concrete track slabs

In addition to the slabs, work is being done to put the metal decking in.

Brightline train metal decking at MiamiCentral

Steel is being erected on various parts of the station site.

Brightline steel construction
Brightline train - MiamiCentral construction
Brightline steel construction

Moving south, the building core for one of the two residential towers is now higher than the tracks.

Brightline train station - MetroMover guideway

Towards the southern end, 20 FIBs are now set at Block B – including several in place over the MetroMover guideway.

MiamiCentral station construction

As you can see, MiamiCentral is already beginning to transform Downtown Miami. When it opens, it will add a whole new dimension of transportation, dining, living and playing for residents and visitors to Downtown.


Brightline is reinventing what traveling by train can mean in America, making it a forward-leaning solution that is a smarter alternative to more cars on crowded roads.


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