Brightline Train Construction

progress-mat-17-2016It’s an exciting time at Brightline, as the future of train travel is speeding closer to us every day. As we speak, our trains are being constructed. Read on to find out how our trains are coming to life.


First Passenger Coach Shell? Check.


If you were to visit Siemens’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California, you’d see the future of train travel taking shape right before your eyes. They’ve already completed the first passenger coach shell — a major milestone in our train construction plans.


Next up: finishing. The team is prepping the coach shell for final assembly which they’re working on right now. Just this week flooring and air conditioning units were installed. Windows and carpeting will be going in next. They are also working on the first locomotive. Stay tuned for photos!


This first coach car is part of Brightline’s first of five four-car train sets that will each carry 240 passengers to their destinations in South Florida. As our service expands, we’ll be adding more train sets.


What It Takes to Reach a Milestone Like This One


So, just what does it take to bring a Brightline coach car from planning to reality? It’s a perfect combination of:

  • Talent — Siemens has a team of 70-plus talented individuals working hard on building our trains.
  • Innovation — Making sure we have thought through all the potential wants and needs (current and future!) of our passengers is what drove the design of the trains. Dedicated teams at both Brightline and Siemens have collaborated for months to make sure every inch is well thought out.
  • Technology — Not only does Siemens have its top team on the job, but they’re using the first-of-its-kind welding technology to make it happen. More than 50,000 welds to fuse it together, in fact. The result? Stainless steel coach car shells with flat sidewalls. It’s the only carbody with a flat sidewall like this in the United States.

More Firsts by Brightline Are Redefining What Train Travel Will Be


Not only will our carbodies have flat sidewalls — a feature you won’t find anywhere else in the United States — but we’re also revolutionizing boarding and disembarking with retractable gap fillers. These custom retractable gap fillers are the brainchild of Brightline and Bode teams, who tackled the goal of making train travel with Brightline even more seamless. We teamed up with Bode because when it comes to custom-built door systems, they’re it. Their innovations on passenger trains and light rail vehicles can be found around the globe.


How will these one-of-a-kind gap fillers work on Brightline’s train car door systems? Before the doors open, this filler will extend up 12 inches from the train, then pivot to meet the train platform. As you step off the train and onto the platform, you won’t have to navigate a gap. Instead, you’ll enjoy a flush surface.


No tripping. No lifting heavy luggage or awkward strollers. A smooth surface for our riders in wheelchairs. Just another way we’re making it uber convenient to get on and off Brightline.


Stay Tuned for More Updates


As we speed ahead, Brightline will keep you posted on our progress. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check back often for updates!

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