Brightline And Rockwell Rider Focus


When David Rockwell and his award-winning architecture firm Rockwell Group were approached to collaborate on a new transportation project in Florida, the opportunity sounded like a bright idea.


“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of thinking of an experience from the rails up,” said Rockwell at our recent launch event in Miami. “It immediately made sense that we would apply a hospitality point-of-view to working with this incredible team to create a new form of train travel.”


Rockwell Group is known for building extraordinary experiences to make ordinary life feel anything but that. From hotels and cruise ships to theatres and airport terminals, the Rockwell Group strives to create environments that combine both beauty and functionality. When we created Brightline, a seamless connection uniting four vibrant Florida cities, we knew that Rockwell’s experience in consumer experience design could make both our trains and stations something special.


“Whether it’s a food truck or a bigger project, we believe that design can make a process more intelligent, more transparent, more connected and more successful,” said Rockwell. “We felt that Brightline could help reinvent, in some ways, the lost pedigree of train travel.”


The Rockwell Group started by surveying what travelers want from a train experience. That’s why everything from our seat sizes to our bathrooms to our lounges are designed with the rider’s enjoyment in mind. Our train cars’ exteriors are also crafted with riders in mind, tapping into a lush, vibrant color palate reflective of our optimistic view on train travel. The stations are planned for ease of use, with design that will make finding everything from your tickets to your seat to a snack completely intuitive.


Count Rockwell himself in the ever-growing group excited to experience Brightline.


“We are incredibly honored to be a part of this project,” said Rockwell. “We look forward to being on the first train out of the station.”

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