Brightline Locomotive Runs on Test Track for First Time

Roughly 3,000 miles away from Florida in Sacramento, California, things are literally “moving” along at the Siemens rail manufacturing hub. Just this pastbrightline-overlay-featured-image week, Brightline’s first locomotive completed initial testing by Siemens and “moved” for the first time. This represents a major milestone in the construction of Brightline’s trains.  Read on to learn more about the testing process, as we speed closer to a smarter way to travel in Florida!


Staying on Track!


Undergoing testing on a quarter mile long track at Siemens, the Brightline locomotive looked sleek and futuristic with its bright yellow graphics.  The locomotive is powered by a 31,000 pound Cummins diesel-electric engine that pumps up to 4,000 horsepower! Over a three week timeframe, a total of about 45 areas were tested within the locomotive, such as: communication systems, lighting, brakes, etc.


With the locomotive moving smoothly and all systems a go, this is a major win for Brightline. Brightline’s Train Operations Team gave approval for production on all locomotives now being built by Siemens and production of the remaining locomotives will continue to move forward. Meanwhile, Siemens is also making progress on the Brightline passenger coach cars.


The Brightline trains will consist of two locomotives on each end (in Brightline yellow, of course), for high reliability and redundancy, with four passenger coach cars. The first trainset is scheduled to travel across the country later this fall and will arrive at Brightline’s West Palm Beach Running Repair Facility. In mid-2017, the three South Florida train stations are set to open and train service between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach is scheduled to begin.



Stay Tuned for More Updates


As we speed ahead, Brightline will continue to keep insiders posted on the train’s progress. Stay tuned for more updates as Brightline moves closer to the reality of better, brighter train transportation in Florida.


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