A Bird’s Eye View of Brightline Train Stations

West Palm Beach StationConstruction on the three South Florida Brightline train stations continues and they are on track to open when service begins next summer! One of the best ways to gauge that progress is to take a look at the stations from high above. This week, we share aerial views of the stations and provide an update on what’s happening at the three transportation hubs.


What’s happening at MiamiCentral


In Downtown Miami, construction on the massive 11-acre MiamiCentral is progressing. Installation of the Florida I Beams (FIB’s) continuing, things are moving smoothly at the MiamiCentral Brightline station. Once the FIB’s are installed, work will begin on the elevated train tracks. The tracks will be installed on a slab, which will be cast on top of the FIB’s. In addition, the process of excavating for all of the rail infrastructure foundations is now complete and about 90 percent of the columns have been cast.


Just on the other side of the Miami-Dade County Overtown Transit Village, 3 MiamiCentral is also rising. In just a couple of months, the building has reached its tenth floor! Shoring for the fourth level parking garage has been completed and the installation of glass panels on the third level, below the office tower, is underway. Going forward, construction crews at 3 MiamiCentral will continue with rough plumbing, electrical work and HVAC ductwork installation, in addition to casting sections of the ninth and tenth floors.



Progress full steam ahead


At the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale train stations, construction is moving at high speed! Recently, the tilt structures for both stations have been completed with some last pieces ready to be set. Interior and exterior wall framing, as well as early stages of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are ready to progress at both locations.


So, what’s next for the construction of the two stations? In Fort Lauderdale, shoring and reinforcing steel for the concourse level will continue. In West Palm Beach, formwork will continue for the roof slab and concourse, as well as installation shoring for the lobby mezzanine.


The future looks bright


Train travel in South Florida is about to be reinvented with the arrival of Brightline! With this new and innovative train service, along with the stunning new train stations, travelers will arrive to their destination in less time, in comfort and style.


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