A Train For All Ages

Florida is a place where people come together. Floridians come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, bringing their own flavor to the state. Something else that makes the state unique is the range of ages – we’re a state with strong representations of senior citizens, adults and youngsters too. With Brightline, we’ve created a transit experience that will not only meet the needs of Floridians of all ages, but bring them together too.

Relaxing Rides

With a lifetime already full of rich experiences, Brightline wants to connect our senior riders to even more adventures across the state. However, we believe the trip should be relaxing and fun. We’re here to help you avoid the traffic, the crowds, and the stress that can come with other methods of travel. Each train will feature a quiet car for laid-back, uninterrupted relaxation. With conveniently located stations, beautiful views and comfortable seating, Brightline is an easy and accessible option for senior citizen riders.




Traveling with Tikes

They may be adorable, but man, they can be mischievous travel companions. With sibling rivalry-driven pinching and hair-pulling pretty much standard in the backseat of a car, traveling with little ones can sometimes create big headaches. Children have a natural fascination with trains, and the beautiful scenery of Florida passing by is soothing, built-in entertainment. It’s also a great opportunity to either connect, or disconnect. You can watch a favorite show together thanks to our reliable Wi-Fi, or take the ride as an opportunity to spend some time together and talk or read stories. We’ll also have a retail car with delicious and fun surprises that kids will love, and designated social cars, which will be great for lively families.


Coming Together

We’re creating an alternative transportation service to support the growing population in Florida, which is now the third most populated state in the nation. With more than 100 million visitors projected this year alone, this melting pot is growing larger and larger. Brightline is built to meet the needs of every traveler – from families traveling with children to seniors looking for relaxation.

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