Traveling by Train? Consider These 6 Tips for a Smoother Ride

Seasoned train travelers will tell you the same thing: Riding the rail is great. Not only are trains extremely reliable and affordable, they also allow you to be productive during your trip. Instead of spending an hour sitting in stop-and-go traffic as you commute to and from work, you can complete tasks while you ride a fast-moving train to your destination.

Businessman at train window
Thinking about taking the train sometime soon? Consider these six tips and enjoy the trip:


  1. Choose your seat wisely. All the seats have plenty of room, are very comfortable and provide a good view. There are seats that face the direction of travel and some that face the reverse. Before finalizing your seat assignment, figure out whether you’d rather see what’s ahead or what you just passed. Also pay attention to how close you are to bathrooms and exits.
  2. Make sure your luggage is secure. If you have a suitcase with wheels, your fellow passengers will appreciate if you secure your luggage. You don’t want to risk your bags inconveniencing other travelers. Grab the items you need for the train ride and stow your luggage in the overhead racks, under your seat or in the luggage stow area located in each passenger car.
  3. Dress appropriately. No matter how long your trip is or what time of year it is, you’ll want to dress comfortably for your journey. If you think you might get a little chilly, grab an extra layer from your bag before you stow it. You don’t want to dig through your luggage in the middle of a trip.
  4. Be on your best behavior. You expect other passengers on the train to be nice to you and they expect the same of you. If you step on the train and hear all the other passengers talking to one another in subdued whispers, you’ll probably want to do your best to emulate the level of their conversations.
  5. Bring the supplies you need. If you think you’ll be hungry or thirsty on your train trip, get the food and beverages you’ll need prior to boarding. While you can always run into the cafe car for food, it’s always better to be prepared.
  6. Pay attention. Few things are more annoying than missing your train stop. That’s why it’s imperative you stay alert while you’re on the train. Always pay attention to where you are, and where you’re going.


Traveling by train is a great way to reliably get from one place to another. While you might not be as familiar with all the ins and outs of rail travel as expert rail riders, you’ll get the hang of it after being aboard once or twice without a problem!

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