3 Reasons To Take The Train


We understand there are lots of transit options out there. Cars. Buses. Hot air balloons. However, the benefits of train travel, further improved by Brightline’s unique offerings, create a transit experience that’s hard to match. We’re effortlessly connecting Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami with a smooth, forward-thinking ride. Here are three advantages of riding Brightline that make us a smarter way to get around Florida.

Go Green, Save Green


In Florida, we’re spoiled with some of the most beautiful natural views in the world – why not keep them beautiful, while enjoying them at the same time? Every time you hop aboard one of our Brightline trains, you’re choosing one of the most environmentally friendly travel options out there. You’re reducing your carbon footprint, as well as the amount of money you might spend on gas and car maintenance. That’s more cash to spend at our craft beer bar.


Be Direct


Whether it’s a work trip, romantic getaway or wanderlust, Brightline can help seamlessly connect you to some of Florida’s most vibrant cities. Avoid the twists and turns of airport security. Avoid your friend’s favorite road trip “short cut” that takes you the long way. Driving from Miami to Orlando usually takes about four hours – our train will help you cover that distance in about three hours without the stress or the traffic. Hop on our fleet of cutting-edge trains and you’ll be on your way – fast.


Enjoy the Ride



Everyone’s on a time crunch these days. Between careers, families, side hustles, your fantasy team, sometimes the only free time we get is when we travel. With that said, why spend it in a white-knuckled crawl in traffic? When you ride with us, you’ll be able to relax in our plush passenger cars and catch up on your favorite shows with our free Wi-Fi. Also, a train ride is a perfect way to enjoy a conversation with your favorite travel buddy.

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